How to make your own EZ Jelq machine for free
EZ-jelq Version 2.0

This is a guide for making a cheap and effective jelqing device.

Before you use the Jelqing device make sure you understand how to perform a Jelq correctly. If you want to learn how to "Jelq" correctly please visit to learn how for free or visit here for reviews of the best guides in the world. If you don't understand how to perform a Jelq correctly do not construct or use the Jelqing device.

If you do know how to Jelq correctly feel free to construct the Jelqing device and use it. This is only a guide for making cheap Jelqing deices. If you want a "real" Jelqing device please go to and purchase one. They are the ones who started making them.

What you need:

1. 2 sturdy straight rods (I used the cardboard from some hangers.)
2. Some tape, not that see through weak crap and not ducted tape, to rough. Use scotch tape form 3M that's what I used. You may have better luck with some thing else. If you do have better luck with some other types of tape please report it to me.
3. Scissors (for cutting)
4. And some thing to bind the two shafts. (I used a rubber band)
Now here is how to make an EZ-jelqer.

1. You take the two rods and rap them in tap leaving about and inch on each side. Wrap in a diagonal fashion. This is the easiest way to do this. DON"T WRAP END OVER END like the picture below

2. Take two separate pieces of tape and place them long ways. Like in the diagram below. And if you were to flip it would like just like that on the other side get it? Ok, place the tape on top of each other so the edges stick out.

3. Wrap the tape around the shaft to that it doesn't stick to the shaft.
4. Repeat step three one the other shaft.
5. Poke holes in the two shafts were you did not wrap the tape on. (Remember I told you to leave an inch on each side, I hope you did so.)
6. Now run string, a cut rubber band or something to connect the two rods. I used a rubber band. By the end it should look like the diagram below.

If you did this correctly it should look something like this. I made this guide to help guys with penis enlargement. This idea is in a way my own idea; I am not claiming responsibility for this idea or how to make the Jelqing device. I am not even sure what the proper name is. I am in no way responsible for any damage you may do to you self. If you built this correctly and perform Jelqs correctly it should make it easier on you hand. Any comments or questions on the Jelqing device guide please contact me at Thank you.

Article by Adam Milton Copyright © 2002


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